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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“Better Human Resource for Better Agriculture” To develop a determined army of extension workers for the successful implementation of schemes and programs for agricultural development set down by the Centre and State. To become a centre of excellence to accomplish training and transforming the bright minds of the department for the successful implementation of extension work and management of agriculture. To empower rural women through sustained capacity building programs to enhance their contribution in agriculture.

Our Mission

“Partnering Agricultural Policy Execution” Vanamati aims to be the premiere institute for capacity building of workforce principally occupied in agriculture department of Maharashtra. To impart training to specified cadres in the administration under the state training policy. To monitor and evaluate Government Projects and Programmes related to agriculture. To become an exemplary centre of learning and training for the extension workers to embark on extension and management work in agriculture sector successfully. Vanamati is also committed to outstanding research in the arena of agriculture.